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Brett Hull Hockey 95

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Good ideas gone bad.. DOS The Ring Hawk (648)

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Platform Votes Score
DOS 6 3.1
Genesis 2 1.9
SNES 4 2.6
Combined MobyScore 12 2.8

The Press Says

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SNESGamePro (US)
NHL Hockey '95 might get better grades in school, but if it caught up with Brett Hull in a dark alley, it would get whupped! Hull's brutal checks and high scores make for a fun, less strategic style of gameplay that action fiends will prefer.
SNESGame Players
Brett Hull Hockey '95 fails somewhere in the middle of the pack. It ranks above many other SNES hockey games, but it doesn't have the graphics and control needed to land a spot among the big bad boys. But if you're suffering from a bad case of hockey withdrawal (and boy am I with ya!), you may want to rent this one and see if it sparks your interest.
Of all the sports games released in the past couple of years, the one I've had the most fun with has been Electronic Arts' NHL Hockey 95. The combination of head-spinning action and in-depth statistics that first won me over keeps me coming back for more. (--Todd Vaughn)
GenesisElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Excellent sounds and realistic bounces will make hockey purists take to this game. The game starts out slowly, but it grows on you. The mechanics of hockey, skating and passing are stressed. You can lay hard body checks at your opponents. It's an improvement over last year's effort. It still hard to score, but it is fun to play. Brett Hull fans will love this game.
DOSJoystick (French)
Un jeu bien conçu visuellement, hélas desservi par une jouabilité décevante.
DOSPower Play
Das hat dann wohl doch nichts so ganz mit der Thronfolge geklappt: Trotz Brett Hull als Unterstützung gelingt es Accolade nicht, Electronic Arts zu überflügeln und hängt in schier allen Belangen hinterher. So wird weder in Sachen Präsentation noch beim eigentlichen Spielinhalt wesentlich Neues geboten. Nette SVGA-Menüs, eine schick scrollende Eisarena, die im Gegensatz zu Hardball gute Kommentatorstimme von Al Michael und eine komplexere Steuerung als in EAs NHL Hockey, erregen einen guten Gesamteindruck. Doch wozu braucht man Brett Hull Hockey 95, wenn es NHL Hockey 95 gibt, das ersteren in allen Belangen schlägt? Accolades Mühe in allen Ehren, aber wir raten von Brett Hull Hockey 95 ab. Es ist ganz gut, Freaks werden‘s mögen und auch eine Zeit lang spielen, aber keiner, der sich NHL Hockey kaufen kann, braucht die Brett-Hull-Variante wirklich.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Parallel zu den Verhältnissen bei den gleichnamigen Videospiel-Modulen kann das unübersichtliche Brett Hull Hockey mit dem spielerisch wesentlich dynamischeren Wirbelwind NHL Hockey nicht mithalten.
GenesisGame Players
The rest of the game's modes, options and extras mimics those found on the Super NES version. Sportscaster Al Michaels calls play-by-play, but he has a few too many pet phrases that he constantly repeats. Exhibition, playoff, seasonal and coaching play modes are featured, with the length of playoffs and seasons being adjustable. Other options allow you to toggle penalties, line changes and period duration.
GenesisVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
On the Genesis, the rink is seen from a three-quarter angle, somewhat like Accolade's Pele! soccer games. The camera scrolls up and down the rink without any zooming effects. Both games feature well drawn graphics, but the Genesis players seem a bit sharper, probably since there's no scaling going on. The SNES game, however, has smoother and much more detailed animation, including some great goalie glove saves.
SNESVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
While the SNES and Genesis version of Accolade's Brett Hull Hockey '95 were both developed by Radical Entertainment, each is quite different from the other. The most obvious difference is the graphical viewpoint. The SNES game is similar to EA's NHL games but the rink is titled back so you can see a lot farther down the ice. Slick Mode-7 background effects keep you close to the action.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Auch Eishockey-Verrückte, die in NHL Hockey 95 jeden Gegner wegputzen, seien gewarnt: Der Schwierigkeitsgrad bei Brett Hull ist eher niedrig angesetzt. Und sonmderlich befriedigend sind Dauersiege mit Dusseltoren auch nicht. Also lieber beim Titelverteidiger bleiben und das Kleingeld für NHL 96 zusammenhalten.
SNESThe Video Game Critic
Al Michael's play-by-play sounds unintentionally comical, because he only refers to players by their number. "Takes a hit from 60. Passes to 2. Stolen by 47. Over to 10..." The crowd noise is spirited, adding life to the arena. Between periods porno music kicks in as you view a pixelated mug shot of Brett Hull strung out on Quaaludes. Brett Hull Hockey 95 never had much of a chance against EA's NHL juggernaut, but if you give it a shot, you might just like it.
GenesisGamePro (US)
Pro hockey is a fast game, and unfortunately, the speed and control required to simulate this sport effectively have been sacrificed for the graphics. There are better rinks to play on.
GenesisMega Fun
Während der Matches könnt Ihr Euch auf Wunsch die ganze Zeit von US-Sportreporter Al Michaels zulabern lassen, jedoch geht einem das ständige „He shoots!“ schnell auf den Senkel. Dies gilt leider auch für das Gameplay, denn allzu dumpfbackig schlittern Accolades Kufencracks übers Eis. Pässe landen kaum beim eigenen Mann, die Schußstärke läßt sich nur schwer regulieren und das Scrolling verliert bei schnellen Aktionen des öfteren den Anschluß. Brett Hull ist sowohl technisch wie auch spielerisch höchst durchschnittlich, schade eigentlich, daß die Programmierer nicht gestreikt haben.
DOSComputer Gaming World (CGW)
It would be easy to say that BRETT HULL HOCKEY 95 was a great idea with a sterling graphical approach that somehow got muddled along the way to its release. It would also be easy to say that BRETT HULL HOCKEY 95 sure has the feel of a product that ran smack into a fast approaching release deadline. These would be easy things to say, so...I'll say them. What's not easy to say is that this game is not the next great hockey simulation. I was so hoping that it would be, that the great graphical presentation would be backed up by strong gameplay. Accolade could have had a Great One in BRETT HULL, but not quite this time, not quite this release.
DOSHigh Score
Isen känns alldeles för liten, och hockeykänslan uteblir. Ett mediokert spel som borde säljas för max 200 spänn.
I digress. Al Michael's voice is incredibly disjointed and, frankly, stupid. There's no need for it to be in the game since it adds nothing to the experience other than a "wow, that's bad" experience. There's nothing here that anyone remembers, so why would I want to play it? This game is awful, like the seats they make you sit in to watch it! Overall, this might be the worst hockey game I've played on the Genesis, and I don't like it one bit.