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Tetris Revolution Credits


Created byEA Mobile Montreal Team
ProducerJean-François Rousseau
Development ManagerLouis-Jasmin Roberge
Game DesignerMaxime Doucet
Lead ProgrammerHomère Ménard-Lamarre
ProgrammersKarim Agha, Nicolas Besson, Jean-François Brisebois, Simon Dansereau, François Desilets, Su-Yun Lin, Jean-François Marcil, Sam Moggach, Kevin Newcomen, Sylvain Tessier
Lead ArtistSerge Mongeau
ArtistsSarah Dubé, Charlotte Niedzviecki
Sound DesignerAlexandre Paquette
Production CoordinatorPhilippe Audet, Marie-Christine Babin
QA LeadsJulien Deshaies, Marc-André Gaumond, Mehdi Majeri, Roberto Vargas
QA TestingJason Aboukalam, Jean-François Audain, Catherine Racette Patenaude, EA Mobile MTL Reference QA
QAEA Mobile Montreal - QA Team
Framework ProgrammingEA Mobile Montreal - Framework Team
Senior ProducerDany Savard
Senior Game DesignerFrédéric St-Amour, Pascal Thériault
Artistic DirectorAdam Duff
Creative DirectorOliver Sykes
Executive ProducerAndré Lauzon
Product ManagerGavin Matheson
Blue Planet SoftwareAlexey L. Pajitnov, Henk B. Rogers, Corey Facteau, Brian Rogers, Shawn Tanabe, Deanna Izuka, Brad Uyeoka, Alexander Rogers, Lani Husson

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Credits for this game were contributed by Charles Beauchemin (71)