Briganty: The Roots of Darkness Screenshots

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PC-98 version

Copy protection! Wow!
Title screen
Cool config screen
The forest, the forest...
Gady and his trusty elf companion
Meeting a new girl... a new possibility of getting laid. Excuse my language
I don't know about you, but I don't much like GIGA's drawing style
The hero in his room
The enemy wanted to push me, but I jumped over his head to the other side. He is still pushing. Idiot
My, it's nice to see you dressed!
Gady's stats
I need a rest... so many enemies, so many pretty girls...
Choices, choices...
Gady performs an elaborately choreographed dance with a couple of skeletons
Here you select the stage
Fly, kobold, fly!..
Okay, let me have that treasure. Now!!.. Oh, come on... Don't be such a... pig
You must kick, roll and stack these balls to access the upper area
Werewolves stand no chance against the power of Gady
Hey, no hugs today... hehe... I'm not into this kind of thing... you know what I'm saying?..
Sephina can jump and raid treasure chests just as well as Gady
Get away from me, you... you... panthera tigris!
What caption can such a screenshot have but OH YEAH?!! AND YOU FIGHT LIKE A COW!!.. :)
Meeting new bre... errr... I mean... characters!!
Jump carefully over lava to avoid damage
This harpy needs a bra!
The wyvern boss fries Gady
A LIVING armor?! No, no, I can't handle that. Dead armor is no problem, but a living one?..
Sephina must focus
Dramatic scene
Sephina is cornered by assassins
Gady executes his most powerful magic attack. This looks pretty cool