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Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon Screenshots

Windows version

Main title screen.
George's plane crashes in the dark heart of Congo.
The inventory and actions system have been revamped. Everything is controlled by a few keys.
The new 3D engine renders lifelike scenes, complete with lip synchronization.
Even in this adventure, you'll often need quick reflexes to stay alive.
There are many action sequences: characters can run, duck, sneak, move crates and hang from ledges.
Many eccentric characters cross your path.
Nico explores the city of Paris at night.
Well hello Miss Croft... ehm Collard.
Many tricky puzzles await you upon return to Congo.
Petra chases you throughout the entire story.
Infiltrating Susarro's castle
George returns to Montfaucon square, a familiar location from the first game.

Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon Screenshots

Xbox version

Main title screen.
Main menu screen.
For those who missed first two games, they can check synopsis with some shots in the 'extras' section.
One of the many loading screens that will become the root of all your nightmares.
Templar priest from the intro opening tells us that the case both George and Nico thought was over is about to continue.
Main title from the second part of intro cinematic.
Looks like the weather in Africa isn't always sunny enough.
Now matter how bad things are, things can always get worse.
Being alive is as good a way to start a game as any.
Dialogue options are, like in previous two games, presented through the icon selection.
Beautiful sights usually require a lot of jumping and crawling, and this time George got some new moves to perform.
Alas, the badguys reached the scientist before George.
Nico performing any kinda suicidal stunts in order to get the story. Ah, those journalists.
Yeah it's a cliche, but the trick with a plastic card still works.
This game is fully 3D, but the camera will rotate on its own according to character's position on the screen.
What at first sight seemed as uninteresting interview, turned out to be a dangerous prelude for something to write about.
What may seem great while in motion, if you pay some attention you will notice lots of models not colliding where they should (check her hand and a gun).
Looks like the killer was faster than Nico.
George is always capable to pull up a trick up his sleeve to scare the natives.
Exploring the mystical ruins in search for something (bet George will know what that is when he finds it).
George and Nico, laughing boldly at the face of danger, whose name bares a 45 caliber.
Someone didn't run fast enough, heh heh. Bang! Bang!
Aside from the main heroes, there'll be other recurring characters.
Whenever visiting Paris, George somehow ends up beneath it, exploring the sewers.