Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror

Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror Screenshots

Windows version

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Main Title
Intro: a Mexican temple
George and Nico, together again, and on a case
Objects' names are highlighted
This hand means there's more to explore there
Like this you pick up things
Below is your inventory
In Marseille
Above are the options
Talking to characters: below are the topics you can choose
"Talk" -cursor
George is visiting familiar places and talking to recurring characters, as it usually is with sequels
After making a mess and breaking what could be broken, George's work is done here
Sneaking into the warehouse through the front door would simply be too obvious for George
Rescuing Nico, right after picking all the interesting stuff first
With all these items in your inventory, there's gotta be something that can help you escape
No matter the country he's in, George has a soft spot for visiting prisons
In this game, for the first you get to control Nico as well
There are all kinds of people to meet in a jungle
Nico seems to have been poisoned, guess you'll have to find an antidote somehow
Okay, this takes about the horizontal trip, now think of a way to go up
Nico seemed to have found a long forgotten underground tunnel
George versus wild boar... my money's on wild boar
Nico found another piece of clue, yet another stone, hm....
In deadly situations, time is of the utmost essence
George just found himself in the middle of a fierce pirate invasion, could it really be?
In spite of being overpowered and branded for death, George doesn't give up
Adventure game wouldn't be adventure enough without some hardcore riddles and puzzles