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Loading screen
Main menu
Part of the instructions about formations and morale
Animated opening sequence for the Story mode
Army setup screen for the Vikings
At the start you can freely move around your units in the coloured zone to establish an initial formation.
Clicking a unit brings up a radial menu with commands.
You need to aim yourself for the archers and determine the strength.
Earl Edwin's troops are taunting me, lowering my morale.
Fights are bloody and the losses are shown as numbers.
Tapping the spacebar to build up charge strength
The DDR-like sequence during a fight
It gets a little bloody.
Copy these letters as quickly as possible to launch a good taunt.
The battle has been won.
There are level passwords if you want to continue the Story mode another time
The story is continued.
Setup screen for the English army
Setup screen for the Norman army
Creating a custom skirmish battle
Movement on the Hastings battlefield
Full strength ahead!
The spear militia suffers heavy losses.
Having been taunted too much, my army's morale drops to an all-time low.
A smart move by the enemy causes me to be outflanked.
I surrendered.