3rd World Farmer Credits

Prototyping team

Original Concept Frederik Hermund
Concept Development Frederik Hermund, Jakob Elias Nielsen, Ole Fabricius Toubro, Roman Spycher
Written Documentation Frederik Hermund
In‑Game Text Frederik Hermund
Game Art Production Frederik Hermund
Lead Game Artist Ole Fabricius Toubro
Graphics Programming Ole Fabricius Toubro
Program Structure Jakob Elias Nielsen, Roman Spycher
Program Design Jakob Elias Nielsen
Lead Programmer Jakob Elias Nielsen
Diagrams Roman Spycher
Tuning of Game Mechanics Roman Spycher
Programming Roman Spycher

Second development phase

Programming Frederik Hermund, Ole Fabricius Toubro
Artwork Benjamn Salqvist

Current development

Current Development Frederik Hermund

Other Games

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Frederik Hermund, 10 other games

Credits for this game were contributed by frederik hermund (310) and Patrick Bregger (195746)