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Browser version

The title screen...not much to talk about here.
You can keep multiple characters on the same account, as many as five.
Your starting town -- Battleon, featuring everything the prospective adventurer needs to get started.
Various shops can be found within the game, featuring an ever-growing number of weapons, armors, items and spells.
The easy-to-use travel map means that any of the notable locations of the realm is just a mouse-click away.
The locals will ensure that you have no shortage of tasks to complete. Who's up for a quick dungeon crawl?
A donation to the hard-working Artix Staff will net you a number of perks, not the least of which is access to the Guardian Tower.
You can pay a visit to other towns, such as Granemor, which could use a fresh coat of paint...
The seaside town of Lolosia, featuring a peg-legged pirate, among other things.
Need a drink? Pay a visit to Boog's Tavern!
Enough site-seeing, let's starting hacking and slashing already!
You can check out a monster's strengths and weaknesses using this display.
Each class has its own set of abilities. For instance, Paladins can unleash Holy Might!
Beastmasters can summon creatures to their cause.
Dracomancers can shapeshift into a half-dragon form for a devastating attack against their opponents.
Weapons have their own abilities too, most of which go off at random.
My favorite weapon, the Dragonfang Scimitar, can summon a wind dragon to lend its assistance.
You can even explore underwater, where all manner of sea-life will try to eat you.
Some monsters will bite and claw you, while other monsters prefer a... different approach.
Victory! On to the next random encounter...
Your character ponders some general Philosophy...