Arcane: Online Mystery Serial - The Stone Circle Episode 3 Screenshots (Browser)

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Title screen
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Our adventure continues when our hero finds out a ship named Fathersea, which has some connections with the Elder Star...
...and successfully sneaked abroad
Prescott: hello again! Now I'm investigating a suspicious ship. It will be a dangerous mission. Anyone takes a photo?... Whoop, now's not the time.
Inside the ship
Suspicious, isn't it?
Prescott: now how to distract this guy...
Crewman: where do you think you are going?
Another way to die: if you get caught by the crewman taking control of the ship, he will hypnotize you like this
A letter
Each time you make certain number of mistakes, you will be shown the animated sequence of the ship coming closer to its destination
Elder Star members: hey! This guy doesn't seem familiar to us. Well, after questioning let's just give that intruder a nice trip to hell >)
Game over