Battlefield: Heroes Screenshots (Browser)

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Browser version

Waiting for the round to start.
A flag that's already been captured.
Firing at an enemy.
Spawning, this time with a newly bought costume.
Leveling up while shooting an enemy.
Meeting heavy resistance when trying to capture the enemy flag.
Using my bandages to heal myself.
I'm on fire.
Taking a ride with a jeep...
...and it doesn't end very well.
Controlling a tank.
A tank can used to blow thing up. Here a poor enemy soldier whose cover just isn't sufficient.
Using a turret to shoot down an enemy plane.
Me against a tank. The odds could have been better.
Flying a plane. Trying not to crash into the lighthouse.
A plane that seems to be about to crash.
A team mate is being shot down.
Trying to run over an enemy who uses dynamite to blow me to pieces.
I got shot down by this enemy plane.
The planes can take passangers on the wings.
Cloaking as a commando.
Using my sniper rifle to attack from a distance.
As a passenger I can still attack the enemies.
Trying to backstab an enemy.
The game ends with a victory for the Royal Army.
End game results