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Dodgeman 2 Credits


ConceptAdam Holmes (Holmfry)
ProgrammingAdam Holmes (Holmfry)
Sprite and Background ArtChris Burgesse
Title Page, Interface Art, Additional Sprite and Background ArtAdam Holmes (Holmfry)
Music Credits:'‑|Time|‑' by Xarnor, 'Just Beat It' by gabrielamarelo, 'OlSkool Reemix' by DJ-UnreaL, 'teh happy song' by rorychally, '-Thunder Storm-' by JGames, 'Dance - Hit the Floor' by Bjra, 'The Summoning' by Devastus, 'Jumpin Space' by Ethalyn, '+Factory+' by WritersBlock, '_-={When Madness Descends}=-_' by MaestroRage, 'Victory is Yours!' by ImperfectDisciple, All music above from Newgrounds Audio Portal - used with permission., Adam Holmes (Dodgeman Theme - 1999)
Game Testers:Jasmine Holmes, Autumn Holmes, Sam Cote, Jen Burgesse, Bruce French, Sean Hennebury, Jon Gardam, Landon Bailey, Tri Tang, Ray Quinton, Kirk Wylie
Special Thanks:Family and friends - sons and daughters for living without husbands and parents for a while., Everyone at Newgrounds - especially the Audio Portal!, You - for playing! :)

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