Dodgeman 2 Screenshots (Browser)

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Browser version

Loading screen
Title screen and main menu
The game's story
Level One
Dodge fish bones and cans and grab ladder pieces.
Each time you grab a ladder piece, the level gets faster.
The ladder is complete, although I have taken a hit.
Now you climb up.
Level Two
Now you dodge stop lights and water balloons.
I lost all my lives. Game over. Continue or Quit?
A free man is dropping down. The ladder in this level builds from the top.
Towards the end of this level, it starts to rain.
Level Three
Watch out for those hailstones.
This time, you're getting parts to a jet pack.
Be careful of lightning bolts as the fall at an angle.
Away we go!
Level Four
You're not building anything. Just dodge the birds and survive two minutes.
Away we go! (again)
Level Five
Dodge moons and satellites. Be careful as you have a smaller playing field.
You are trying to get the parts to a spacesuit.
I have the suit.
Level Six
You are trying to get keycards. You are dodging aliens and shooting stars. The shooting stars fall at an angle.
Level Seven
You're not building anything. Just dodge falling robots, girders and lightsabers for four and two-thirds minutes.
In the co-op game, the second player controls a hand that can grab objects to move harmful items away from the player or move desired items towards the player.