The Forest of Dreams Screenshots (Browser)

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A form for the players to log their own inventory and statistics changes.
A map of the surrounding environs
Starting location and first choice
235 invites the player to Test Their Luck, comparing a stat with 2D6 (a roll one can simulate using the tool at the bottom of the left toolbar).
Paragraph 139 presents a combat opportunity, which the player will settle for themselves (successfully, given the wildcat's low statistics) using the simulated die-rolls.
337 gives the player some opportunities to both adjust their stats and their inventory.
18 and 19 both depic the results of shape-shifting into an innocuous appearance, which bears with it a certain exhausting effect.
An array of objects, some more useful than others, up for purchase through Yaztromo the wizard.
497 offers a group combat (still more sophisticated than in many games), while 498 lays bare a random encounter.
224 thickens the plot and provides a classic Fighting Fantasy formula for thwarting cheaters -- a player with the necessary object has been instructedto deduct 50 from the paragraph number to proceed.
The numerical deformation made, the story advances.
129 involves a similar avenue for privileged information; 132 on the other hand illustrates a game dead end.
Success! (Epilogues follow.)