Frank's Adventure 3 Screenshots (Browser)

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Browser version

Title screen
The place you start.
Thealien that calls you on the phone.
At least on ewoman seems to be having the same problem in every Frank's Adventure game.
Here you can buy fishing supplies.
To fish you need to find a suitable spot.
You can even buy records and change the music you're listening to.
Hmmm... a voodoo shop
I'll think about it.
Betty a drugdealer? My childhood years are ruined.
I had to do some voodoo but your pussy (cat) is fine now.
Highway Hunter title screen
That's better than SpyHunter.
A slot machine. Maybe we can win some money here.
Monkey Dude title screen
An "in-game" shot
Let's talk about the reward.
Sailing with your hardly earned yacht.
The Herbalisland
Your inventory
Uploading the pictures.
Game over