The Great Gatsby Screenshots (Browser)

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Browser version

Title Screen
Start of the first level
At the party, taking down the butlers
The red men are drunk and throw bottles in the air.
Talking to one of the guests
There are objects you can jump on.
Outside, in the garden
Jump on top of fountain streams
Back inside, in the library
Just like in the book, you'll meet Gatsby in the library.
Cut-scene introducing the second level
Now you have to move over a running train
These eyes are the second level's boss
Trouble in the household
Third level: in New York
You can throw your hat much farther wearing the yellow costume.
New York sewers with alligators
These thugs carry guns.
Third level boss
Cut-scene leading up to the fourth level
Who's holding him at gunpoint?
Level four: on the beach
There are some crabs you need to take out too.