Hoshi Saga Ringo Screenshots (Browser)

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Browser version

Title screen
The level selection in the beginning
Combine the fragments
No star to be seen, yet.
The flow is obstructed.
Put the slices in the correct order
Different fragments against the wall
Manipulate the lines and colours
Guess what's underneath
A scene with different fragments
A large block attached to a chain
A small part of the start is revealed
This is easy.
Drawing time
A maze
A regular puzzle
Waves... somewhere there must be a star.
Turn the different layers lighter
It looks like Reversi.
Smash the hammer!
Manipulate the arms of the clock
Setting the time
Finding the star is easy, but revealing it completely is a hard task.
Almost the entire playfield is unlocked.
Guide the fragments into the correct position
The stones are obstructing the lasers
An advanced maze