Kids_ Screenshots (Browser)

User Screenshots

Browser version

The game first lets you practice the controls.
Title screen for the first chapter
Inside a metro or train
Walking in a park
These appear when you enter the next screen.
Inside the city.
The city landscape transforms and the character disintegrates, a recurring theme.
Introduction to the second chapter
Back in the metro/train, progress of the stops is shown near the top.
Pixel art with soft colours at its finest.
A strange scene with two characters below a giant eye — forbidden love?
Over a bridge in the park
Approach the black square.
Lots of heart appear.
A dragon-like creature, stuck.
Four of the seven journals icons have been highlighted.
You can walk around.
My character is in the white part on the right.
On the moon?
My character disintegrates.
You are completely gone and this appears.
Inside, but now as an abstract form.
In the park, at night
On an island
You get to move these islands.
Near the end of the game