Masters of Constantinople Credits (Browser)

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Masters of Constantinople Credits


Executive ProducersPhillip Djwa (Agentic Communications), Maija Leivo (Medieval Media Inc.)
ProducerPhillip Djwa
Creative DirectorPhillip Djwa
Assistant ProducerPatricia Marcoccia (Agentic Communications)
Game DesignCaitlin Burns, Adam Nash, Steele Filipek, Starlight Runner Entertainment
ScriptCaitlin Burns, Adam Nash, Steele Filipek, Starlight Runner Entertainment
Medieval ExpertJennifer Lynn Jordan
ProgrammingDeirdra Kiai (Agentic Communications), Dale McGladdery, Darko Hrgovic
Additional DesignDeirdra Kiai
Design and ThemingEmily Birr
Project ManagerLaura Mitchell
Character Design and ArtworkGreg Huculak, Flying Kraken
Spot IllustratorRobin Carpenter

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