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Browser version

The login screen nicely sets the green and calm mood of this game.
The over-worked garden gnome passes his fallen oasis over to me, so it shall begin.
Only a small fraction of my huge garden is free to cultivate plants in the beginning.
In the beginning the game offers some pop-up help.
I harvested my first six lettuces and carrots (the beginner's plants), and scored my first six experience points for it. With some lemon juice and sugar, this would make a nice salad already.
Raised enough plants to cultivate the whole usable acre. And it's about time, down below five customers are already waiting.
The wish of this customer I can fulfill. Fanfare: This will be my first self-earned money.
My garden of half lettuce/half carrots is ready for harvesting. This can be done with two clicks using the scythe gnome standing in the lower right corner.
Spying into the online help. When will I finally leave the status of "Salad Spinner"?
Visiting the nearby town in day light. There's also a gloomy night version of this.
Shopping for new seeds at Brandolf's.
The hardware is so expensive that I won't need to come back for weeks to come.
Ah, every MMO has them, every MMO needs them: the high-level players.
Interesting fact, cucumbers are available to second-level players already, but come in only 17th in this statistic.
The market: Someone produced nearly 50K units of lettuce, a starter plant that's easy to grow. What goes on in such people's minds?
Your very own market stall is waiting to be filled with all kinds of tasty vegetables.
The Gardener's Society: the guild house will open upon reching level six.
The current competition is the highest number of broccoli delivered till the dead line. Too bad, I can't grow it, yet.
A peek at the Molepedia, a tool that doesn't need further explanation, does it?
The different levels all have more or less funny names.
Yippieh - level-up !! I am now officially a Bean Counter.
The level-up grants me a watering gnome who waters all plants in need with a single click.
I like it when my garden is completely ready for harvest. From top to bottom: radishes, cucumbers, lettuce, and carrots.
Yay - I made level three and can grow strawberries now which is one of my favourite fruits.
At level three you are granted a notepad where you can record strange messages for future use.
Back in town I discovered a hidden present shop.
She has a nice selection, but very, very expensive.
This is the next bigger town at night - not many options available, yet.
But one thing is already open - the research lab.
You can display your garden for others to take a look - and peek at other players' property.
Ah, I like this garden. It scored two awards not without reason.
But that's a long way to go for me - so get back to work. Five customers are already waiting.
Ah, the first quest has been teleported to my inbox.
After producing lettuce like an army of snails would, I hurry to town to complete the quest.
The quest reward is sparse, but I'm sure it gets better with every task completed.
Taking a look at the overhead map.