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The Outbreak Credits


Directed byChris Lund
Edited byChris Lund
Written byChris Lund, Shaun Casper, Scott Wilson
Produced byLynn Lund
Original music composed byKevin McDaniels
CastHarold Phillips (James), Kathryne Bukowski (Kelly), Scott Wilson (Seth), Brian Treleaven (Alex), Michael King (Dave), Lindsay Klein (Survivor 1), Jonathan Hall (Survivor 2), Joss Antonio Milian (Survivor 3), Jeff Mills (Survivor 4), Natalie Jackson (Garage Zombie), Alex Timmerman (Garage Zombie), Lorraine Churchill (Dead Woman in Garage), Leslie Garbett (Zombie on car), Scott Hills (living room zombie), Akbar Kadyr (living room zombie), Stephanie Griffin (living room zombie), Evan Stroum (living room zombie), Lisa A. Brandt Heckman (living room zombie), Christina Royall (living room zombie), Brennan Clark (living room zombie), Brian McGee (living room zombie), Kent Hertzog (living room zombie), Amanda Steen (outside zombie), Cody Wilson (outside zombie), Kathleen Freeman (outside zombie), Tiara Freeman (outside zombie), Destinee Freeman (outside zombie), Rebecca Stites (outside zombie), Kolby Warner (outside zombie), Zachary Warner (outside zombie), Dan Hinkel (outside zombie), Sean Smith (outside zombie), Julia Cory (outside zombie), Wesley Lewis (outside zombie), Samuel Kleiber (outside zombie), John Keith (outside zombie), Jerry Relvea (outside zombie), Bryce Walters (outside zombie), Heather Hunt-Casper (outside zombie), Brandon Lehor (kitchen zombie), Faith Brown (kitchen zombie), Kara Tharp (kitchen zombie), Emery Hofmann (basement zombie), Ira Kortum (street zombie), Joe Aimonetti (street zombie), Trish Egan (woman in car), Kyra Walters (little girl in car)
Stunt performersScott Hills, Leslie Garbett
Additional zombie soundsNatalia Hertzog, Bob Libutti, Lynn Lund
Stunt coordinatorJerry Buxbaum
Art departmentAmanda Steen
Make‑up and special effectsChristina Walker, Shaun Casper
Make‑up assistantNatalie Jackson
Sound engineerKent Hertzog
Foley artistKent Hertzog
CastingSusan Funk
Additional music (end credits)Vault Alarm
WardrobeLynn Lund
Camera operatorsJames Demetri, John Nichols
GaffersJohn Nichols, Richard Mitchell, David Corbett
Jib operatorTim Jankowski (Visual Imagery Productions)
1st assistant cameraBrian McKee
2nd assistant cameraBrennan Clark
Clapper/production assistantHugh Taylor
Post‑production assistantJames Demetri
Special thanks toOpen Haus Studio, Kendra Ratcliff, Emery Hofmann, Mike Warn, Bauder, Carol McCarthy, Tom McCarthy, James Acres, Gearhead Grip & Electric, Professional Video & Tape, Koerner Camera Systems, Picture This
an extra special thanks toeveryone who put in extra effort and brought extra passion to help make this movie a reality

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