Phantom Mansion: Spectrum of Souls - Chapter 3: The Yellow Tower Screenshots (Browser)

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Browser version

Opening cinematic
Title screen
Starting location
I read the scroll
The first room, "Walk this WAy"
The red things are cused floor. I need the cross the walk on that.
I got the cross and the floor is uncursed.
Now I exit the room.
Next up, "Skull Rock"
The "Skull Rock" room
Since I can't see the exit once I cleared the last soul, I get the crystal ball.
Room #3, "Push Over"
The third room.
The fourth room, "Helping Hand"
Lots of cursed floor in here.
Room five, "DoubleCross"
Plan your path wisely.
Next, "Aaah Push It"
You have to backtrack often with this room.
On to "E C Does It"
I have no clue how to finish this room.