This game's initial "release" at 2BeeGames was not intended for public consumption but rather for consideration in a Flash game developer contest, ostensibly to be played and rated by a private group of peers and judges. Somewhere along the line, however, it broke free and went viral, drawing over five times as much traffic as the next most popular entry in the contest (Cipher Prime's Auditorium) and jeopardizing the developers' hopes to keep a lid on the game until a sponsor could be lined up for a period of exclusive offering. Having earned their buzz, on or before June 11th the developers temporarily replaced the "full version" of The Pretender: Part One on the contest site with a limited demo version, offering the two easiest level sets but denying access to the hardest two.

Given the accidental viral success of Part One, it seems a shoe-in that the developers at Launching Pad will follow through with an expanded Part Two, including the further elemental abilities of fire and water magic.

Contributed by Pseudo_Intellectual (59657) on Jun 14, 2009. -- edit trivia