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Ravenwood Fair (Browser)

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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Ravenwood Fair Credits

Original Launch Team

Lead Game DesignerJohn Romero
Game DesignerBrenda Romero
Lead ProgrammerJustin Rosenthal
ProgrammerAnthony J. Schuster, Vivek Tatineni, John Romero, Jonathan Howard
Lead ArtistChristine MacTernan
ArtistMeng Her, Irene Lepe, Ben Walker
UI DesignAlexander Naruhiko Chee
Sound DesignerJohn Romero
Distribution EngineerPhilip Stephens, Tom Wu
Product ManagerSergei Sorokin, Alexander Naruhiko Chee
Content ManagerLauren Freeman
Community ManagerWoody Hooten
Creative DirectorBrenda Romero
Additional ArtJosh Law, Andrew Vera, Meghan Kinder
Additional UI DesignerNikki Phung
Game Design InternNate Berna
QA TesterJohn Christian Rodenburg

Post-Launch Team

Game DesignerShawn Stone, Nate Berna
ProgrammerJoseph Estrada, Maximilian Herkender, Ian Hill, Alexey Pakhomov, Brian Rue, Cory Virok
ArtistGreg Eicholzer, Elie Dagher
UI DesignRoy Villavicencio
Marketing and DistributionKamo Asatryan, Annie Chang, Braden Flynn, Nick Mansdorf

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