Roofed Credits (Browser)

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Roofed Credits


Written byJim Munroe
Programmed byJim Munroe
Beta testing bySusan Bustos, Rowan Lipkovits, Kevin Jackson-Mead, Jeffrey Joy, Raigan Burns, Jacqueline A. Lott, Sean Lerner, Filipe Salgado, Mare Sheppard, Leif Conti-Groome, Jennifer Fell
Cover design byPeter Marshall
Photography byJosh Henderson, Erica Bella
Font byRay Larabie
Thanks to the Inform 7 teamGraham Nelson, Emily Short, Christopher Armstrong, David Kinder
Thanks for Inform 7 ExtensionsMikael Segercrantz, Emily Short
Thanks for bringing their characters to life so irresistablyJonah Hundert, Taylor Katz

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