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Shockwave version: Title screen
The story begins... The rose Shunsuke gave Reiko before his death...
The haughty Tsubakikoji females stand in Reiko's way to claim her place as Mistress of the Tsubakikoji house.
Let the womanly battle.
Tutorial: Swing to the left to avoid.
Tutorial: Quickly drag to the right, try to center on the face.
She looks rather pleased with her dodge.
One Tsubakikoji down.
The younger daughter better put an ice pack on that.
A Tsubakikoji elder daughter mocks your position.
Our heroine, Reiko, speaks.
A devestating slap to the elder sister.
She's looking none to good.
She has a great variety of injury poses.
That's going to leave a mark.
The families maid... has observed your progress from the cieling and decides to end things before you awake the mistress.
The maid packs quite a whallop in those mighty paws.
Zap! A flash of light is made when hand collides with cheek.
So your face did say that way?
With the trusty maid down... a frightful figure emerges.
The calm matriarch raisers her hand to strike down the insolent strumpet.
A slap! A palpable slap!
The mistress of the house, her powers seem to know no bounds...