Santa Paravia and Fiumaccio Screenshots (Browser)

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Browser version

Title screen
Generating a new character and using the built-in help functionality.
Starting a new game, at new year's.
Steward's report of grain and real estate
Now I get to change my investments in those resources.
I suppose the peasants need food also. The more you release, the more it may attract new immigrants also, as the in-game help explains.
Serf changes this year
Middle class changes this year
Soldiers will also get paid, one way or another.
Adjusting the taxation and justice system.
A starting map of my kingdom
Here's how we stand so far.
Other infrastructure investments are possibilities.
Starting the next turn.
Eventually, successful players will gain titles and ascend through the aristocracy.
Eventually, a shrewd player will reach the top of the totem pole and win the game!