Scarygirl Screenshots (Browser)

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Browser version

Loading screen
Difficulty selection
Scene from the introduction sequence
One of the characters you will meet (introduction sequence)
Scarygirl wakes up from her nightmare.
Walking around inside the house.
Outside, the game zooms out more.
There is no voice acting, the conversations are shown as animations.
Running through the woods.
One of the six bonus games you can unlock.
The background consists of many layers.
One of the many characters to offer advice.
Underwater, collecting squids while avoiding enemies.
Collect fish to replenish health.
Don't forget to get some air every now and then.
The junkyard is a strange place.
A mini-game to solve a puzzle.
The magnificent bike level
Chased by enemies.
Avoids the pink squids.
There are many platforms to progress at different heights.
The small diamonds can be collected too.
Activate the switches to move the platforms.
You can also climb webs like a spider.
A difficult section
Moving towards a boss character.
Colourful enemies and objects
The story branches here.
In the marketplace
Fetch some food for the chef.
This rabbit wants a cog.