In Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher you play the role of Socrates Jones - an accountant from New York, with no prior skill or interest in philosophy, but whose daughter Ariadne is fascinated with it and John Stuart Mill's ideas in particular. After an unexpected series of events, including a case of mistaken identity, he and his daughter arrive at the realm of philosophers. Ariadne teaches Jones the ins-and-outs of proper philosophical debate, which he must utilize to return back to our world.

The game is set as a series of confrontations where you must find a flaw in your opponents arguments by using pure logic (somewhat similarly to Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney). You can hear out an short thesis about the nature of morality, divided into short statements. Each statement can be examined for clarifications, relevance and backing to determine its validity. Often statements would be amended, extended or entirely removed to clarify the entire thesis further. Once a statement is sufficiently clear it may be challenged by relevant prior statements. Correct debating will improve your Credibility meter and incorrect actions lower it. Once the meter is exhausted the game ends (but can be resumed from any point you've previously reached).

The game was designed, among other people, by a philosophy teacher and attempts to educate players about such great thinkers as Euthyphro, Protagoras, Thomas Hobbes, John Stuart Mill and Immanuel Kant with a mix of humor and seriousness.


Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Browser Credibility is your life-meter for this game. Good arguments increase it and bad decrease it. When it's gone you lose the argument.
Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Browser You can question or challenge any statement from the presentation.
Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Browser You can challenge a statement using a list of previous statements (for example, those learned from Euthyphro). Or you can call your opponent ugly. It's up to you.
Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher Browser Ari will continue to educate you in philosophy even on this plane.

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Behind the scenes

One of the game's developers, Andy Norman, teaches philosophy at Carnegie Mellon University. His model of the "reason-giving game" shaped Socrates Jones: Pro Philosopher.

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