Spore Island Credits (Browser - Facebook)

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Spore Island Credits


Creative DirectorFrank Lantz
Executive ProducerDemetri Detsaridis
ProducerChristopher Spivey
Game DesignMark Heggen
Technical DirectorKevin Cancienne
Lead Client ProgrammerChristian Croft
Lead Server ProgrammerMike Pritchard
Client ProgrammerCharles Schulze
Programming InternJay Austin
Art DirectorScott Gursky
Character ArtistAaron Stewart
ArtistNathan Henry, Douglas Ra
Quality Assurance LeadMorgan Wren
Community ManagerScott Hoffer

Maxis & Electronic Arts

SVP & GM, Maxis StudioLucy Bradshaw
Sr. Producer, Maxis StudioCaryl D. Shaw
Audio Director, Maxis StudioKent Jolly
Audio Specialist, Maxis StudioMichael Cormier
Audio Recording Engineer, Maxis StudioChris Seifert

Thanks to

Maxis StudioJeb Havens, Emily Modde, Morgan Roarty
Electronic ArtsMichael John, Dan Morris

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