Thule Trail Screenshots (Browser)

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Browser version

Splash screen
Start menu
Choosing a character
I figured you guys could relate
This early choice will have a big impact on your comfort, road speed and gas consumption
Before we get going...
Stocking up on goods
In-town menu
Getting the dirt
In-game help
We're on the road!
One of a number of speed vs. security random events
Leave it to the games expert to entertain himself!
Blasted faulty merchandise! Next time we use ISO images!
No good turn goes unpunished
Travel time is saved!
One of a number of weather conditions you will encounter in the vehicle
Finally, a waypoint!
It never looked better. Well, more 8-bit.
Even in town, it's easy come...
easy go!
Want to try to win it back?
Hunting mini-game
A wily french-fry packet sneaks by me
Nailed a pizza box!
We'll have to ration them out. (Dibs on the pizza crusts!)
The vistas are quite spectacular
Just like being there!
Snowboarding mini-game
Interrupting my shreddin' with a collision
A winner is me!
How far have we gone?
Could this be foreshadowing?
Entering the kayaking minigame
Get out of my way, you oaf! And get a hat that doesn't suck!
I'm pretty good at this!
How were we supposed to pass up a roadside attraction like this?
Darned Smokey on my tail
This is an unforeseen development!
Could this be the end?
Alternately, members of your party can be stripped away
What a sad ending
The end!
End menu
Final score
High score table