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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Commander (Browser)

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Commander Browser Loading screen


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100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Commander Credits

Loot Drop

Project LeadBrenda Romero
Lead Game DesignerBrenda Romero
Technical DirectorChristopher Burke
Lead Client EngineerJonathan Rodgers
Lead Server EngineerHarrison Page
Lead ArtistCody Miles
Audio DesignDren McDonald
Game DesignersBrenda Romero, John Romero
Level DesignersBrenda Romero, John Romero
Additional DesignLoren Hernandez, Elizabeth Sampat, Ian Schreiber
WritingBrenda Romero, Elizabeth Sampat, Ian Schreiber
Client EngineersDavid Grem Armstrong, Caulder Bradford, Christopher Burke, Rex Cartagena, Steve Markgraf, John Romero, Michael Romero
Server EngineerAndrew Kane
Additional Client EngineeringChris Doucette, Daniel Gutierrez, Jason McIntosh, Blake Rogers, ozone
ArtistsMatt Dalluhn, Darron Smith, Matt Waggle
AnimatorsBill Drastal, Toby Hefflin
Additional ArtJohnny Burgess, Crystal Chan, Vay Lung Chiu, Christine MacTernan
UI DesignJeremy Forson
Quality AssuranceCraig Lewin, Alexander Davis
Office ManagerJamie McIntosh
Cutscene French TranslationsTheo Garneau, Marie-Christine Garneau
Player Acquisition ManagerJordan Cat


VP, Digital PublishingChris Early
Sr. Director, Active Game ManagementVanessa Vignon
Director, Digital Production & Game ServicesTrevor Snowden
ProducerJosh Mast
Game ManagerTrevor Shackelford
Director, AnalyticsKady Srinivasan
Manager, AnalyticsChuka Ikokwu
Game Metrics AnalystRussell Rhomieux
Associate Director, MarketingAnn Hamilton
Brand ManagerThomas Séris
Senior Manager, Public RelationsStone Chin
Associate PR ManagerRaha Bouda
QC LeadOlivier Dignard
QCFrancis Quintal, Olivier Guilbault, Stéphane Arbour
Senior Director, Game Analytics ServicesLenin Gali
Project ManagerMonica Ionita
Systems ArchitectJesse Charbneau
Senior Manager, CRM & LoyaltyScott Dixon
Campaign ManagerAlissa Guler
Associate CRM ManagerBen Yu
Senior Manager, Player ExperienceEric Moser
Player Experience Manager IITim Adams
Player Experience ManagerChase Straight
Web ProducerHeidi Pollock
Development OperationsRonnie Hash, Niru Kakumanu
Montreal Operations - NCSA Online TeamTsvetan Pektov, Trevor Hammond, Michel Andre De La Porte, Silviu Dicu

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (121977)