Trafalgar Origins Screenshots (Browser)

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Browser version

Introduction to the game
Choose your main game mode
Some of the social media options
Creating a profile
Main menu
Overview of the training missions
Shooting a single cannon ball towards another vessel.
Grab the loot quickly when ships sink, or it disappears.
Mission results, you earn experience and gold.
In training missions there are subtle hints.
These ships group together and that makes it hard to approach them.
Sailing swiftly passed a blockade.
Close combat
Here you can hire crew.
Some missions take place at night.
Here you need to escort the ship with the green health bar. Currently it's outnumbered.
It takes some practice to find the right shooting angle.
Details of a single crew member
Free for all!
Game lost
Historical information is only provided in the historical campaign.
Defending another ship along a set route.
Profile details
Multiplayer menu
Choose a crew for the multiplayer battle
Assign a personal goal for additional rewards
Multiplayer battle in progress
I was killed.