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End of introduction. Are you ready?
Starting location, scrutinizing my inventory in the illustrated area.
It seems like an innocuous enough choice
I'll be penalised, right?
That's quite a penalty.
Ah, an in-dungeon vending machine. My last adventurer sure could have used that knife!
In some ways this dungeon is as generous as it is punitive. But always randomly, arbitrarily so.
Are you ready to get lucky?
Good things happen when you pass a luck check... or at least, bad things fail to happen. You still lose a LUCK point, however.
In this case, failing the check not only wounds you, but forces you into combat!
Entering a different combat. Look at those simulated dice!
Winning a combat
Investigating some typical strangeness
These abstract puzzles also have a certain place in FF gamebooks
A good use for your earlier windfall. It's a closed economy!
Ingeniusly surviving a deathtrap
Flip a coin. Maybe you'll profit, maybe you'll get burned alive. It's all part of the fun.
After all these traps, it's enough to make anyone paranoid!
The end of the description suggests that if my inventory was a bit different, I might have other options than this decidedly second-class one.
I'm getting a second chance. That means that I'm embarking on a venture that is either supremely important or supremely foolhardy. But how to know which?
Players get their Skill tested much as their luck, though it doesn't decrease through checks.
Failing a Skill check does tend to be consideribly more fatal.
A supposedly helpful bit of advice
Easy come, easy go!
Can they be negotiated with?
This is a consideribly higher level of discourse than I was expecting out of a demihuman.
What use have we for money in the dungeon, after all?
A boss fight
Failing a boss fight.
Succeeding in a boss fight!
Needless to say, with the STAMINA I had, I didn't get very far with Allibor.