Brütal Legend Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Strange cultists
Metal hero
Playing guitar solo
Kill Master's healing unit
First weapon for the car
Stage battle
Game features some stylish art
Some places are really creepy
Guardian of metal
It's much more useful to fly in the battle rather than walk or ride
Bound dragon statue
You can unite with any friendly troop to perform a unique attack
Shooting enemies from stationary position in secondary mission
Flying over land of epic monuments

Xbox 360 version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
The god of metal himself came from the other side to stop the concert.
Walking down a mountain of skulls - yes, the game is full of them.
A bunch of bad guys.
Playing one of the many solos that work as spells, buffs and such.
Driving over a collapsing bridge with the hot rod.
Did I already mention that skulls are everywhere?
You can learn new solos at these tablets.
The main overseer is getting very angry.
Walking through the lands, admiring the view and loving the animals.
Fighting up a mountain with my homies in mosh-pit-formation.
My own stage in stage battle.
Flying over the battlefield, commanding my troops.
Concept Art is unlocked by simply playing the game.