Bruce Jenner's World Class Decathlon Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game starts with an animation showing a guy in a loin cloth running and jumping in pursuit of a deer. He morphs into a Greek morphs into a modern athlete along the way
The game itself commences with a greeting from Daley Thompson. He appears a lot of little video clips
This is the main menu. The noticeboard on the right sets the game's options, Coach are short video clips featuring Daley, Showers exits the game and Field plays the game.
Lots of information is accessed via the menu bar. Each athlete is created by the player and has their own locker. Multiple lockers for multiple players
Clicking on a locker opens this Athlete Creation function.
This is what the game's Coaching option is all about. Each of these headings triggers a video clip featuring Daley
In practice mode, choosing FIELD from the main menu gives the player the choice of disciplines. In Decathlon mode the events proceed in a set order
The 100m Dash. The Endurance window is how the player manages their energy during an event. It didn't work in this implementation.
Once the race has begun the player's character is always in the centre of the window, which is useful because all athletes look alike. We should see endurance information in the box
The start of the long jump. This is a practice but the view is the same when in a competition. The split screen disappears when the player presses START
At the end of every event the player's result is displayed in a small window like this.
The shot put. Like the discus it's all about timing, click to start the wind up and click to release. This is a practice but the view is the same when in a competition.
The high jump. In practice the player sets the height of the bar. In competition it increases and the player chooses whether to Pass or compete at that level
The game's help function opens up in a new window. It is accessed from the menu bar.
The high hurdles is another event where timing the jumps/mouse clicks is important
The pole vault starts with a split screen that disappears when the event begins. The player clicks at the right time to plant their pole and at the right time to release and vault over the bar
A 'real' decathlon. All athletes look the same, possibly because only one has been created, so it's good that the player's athlete is always centre screen
The scoreboard at the end of a decathlon event. The same board can be accessed via the menu bat at any time to show current status for all events.
When competing the game not only gives the player's result it announces when a personal best has been achieved
The single player events, such as this pole vault, look the same in competition as they do in practice. The character does move realistically as they perform the vault though.
The athlete information screen. Selecting details shows the scores for an individual athlete in the last decathlon. Only one human player here.
There are three game modes, Practice, Single Decathlon, or Season which is three decathlons. These are the standings after the first event in a season