Bubble and Squeak

Bubble and Squeak Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen

Bubble and Squeak Screenshots

Amiga CD32 version

Title screen
Loading level one
And we're off!
Oh! So many gems!
Shot enemies turns into coins
I found my friend!
Level complete!
End of level stats
Going for a ride in a submarine
This will be tricky

Bubble and Squeak Screenshots

Genesis version

Company logos
The title page jets in
Main menu
Ready to go
Game start
Shooting the first foes
I'm hit
A network of ledges
On a moving platform
Here's Squeak
Bubble's dead - this enemy rebounds shots with it's bat, so avoid it or be careful how you kill it
The look-down feature
Level complete - the pair shake hands to celebrate
A shoot 'em up level
Choosing a safer path
Back to the main gameplay
Leaving Squeak on a ledge while I go to activate it
Giving Squeak a kick - that ramp will send him upwards to the level end
Level completion screen
They start in different places here
Has someone spiked my Red Bull with vodka, or is that a pink elephant?
The Bubble Mode