Bubble and Squeak Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen

Amiga CD32 version

Title screen
Loading level one
And we're off!
Oh! So many gems!
Shot enemies turns into coins
I found my friend!
Level complete!
End of level stats
Going for a ride in a submarine
This will be tricky

Genesis version

Company logos
The title page jets in
Main menu
Ready to go
Game start
Shooting the first foes
I'm hit
A network of ledges
On a moving platform
Here's Squeak
Bubble's dead - this enemy rebounds shots with it's bat, so avoid it or be careful how you kill it
The look-down feature
Level complete - the pair shake hands to celebrate
A shoot 'em up level
Choosing a safer path
Back to the main gameplay
Leaving Squeak on a ledge while I go to activate it
Giving Squeak a kick - that ramp will send him upwards to the level end
Level completion screen
They start in different places here
Has someone spiked my Red Bull with vodka, or is that a pink elephant?
The Bubble Mode