Bubble Bash! Screenshots

User Screenshots

J2ME version

Title screen
Main game screen
A map of Bubble Island. You need to complete section to unlock a next part.
Character selection screen
The bird is hit! You still need to hit the bubbles with a question mark to make them show their colour.
This is getting quite close.
A regular field with two chameleon bubbles
The boss of the first area
When new bubbles appear, Crab pops up to explain the use.
The boss of the second area
Game selection screen per area, with three tiers
Each section of the island is owned by a different character.
A game in the Crab Fever mode. The progress is shown in the bar in the top left corner.
It is Malia's time to hit, here with a fancy dress.
Overall game statistics
After unlocking outfits, you can choose them from the main menu.