Bubble Ghost Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Highscore screen
Ghost blowing bubble.
Head level from the rolling demo.

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Play Select screen
Blow at the bubble to make it move
Pick up the letter object
How can you pass the dangerous flesh eating plant?
Skates. What can you do with it?
This doesn't look good

Apple IIgs version

Title screen
Ghost facing the ground.
Not exactly looking happy.
Narrow corridor
Blowing until he turns red.

Atari ST version

developpers don't miss humor
High scores
A screen from the auto-cycling demo
Another one. Of them.
This is a simpler-looking one
Lots can happen here though
Nice head
Game start
I'm forever blowing bubbles
Good job he's invincible, or his head'd hurt
Look at the anger in his face

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Main menu
Game start
Directing the bubble
Screen 2 adds more hazards
The ghost isn't happy that I've burst the bubble

DOS version

Main title screen
Main menu
First level
Blowing out the candle might help
Bubble Ghost is in action
He can blow in other directions as well
Bubble Ghost is angry at the player who blown up his bubble
When you make him blow too much, he'll turn red
Blowing in the trumpet might make the little green man get out of your way
Main title screen (CGA)
First level (CGA)
Bubble Ghost is angry at the player who blown up his bubble (CGA)
Game over and input user name
High Scores
Hall 12 (EGA).
Hall 13 (EGA).
Hall 14 (EGA).
Hall 15 (EGA).
Hall 16 (EGA).
Hall 17 (EGA).
Hall 18 (EGA).
Hall 19 (EGA).
Hall 20 (EGA).
Hall 21 (EGA).
Hall 22 (EGA).
Hall 23 (EGA).
Hall 24 (EGA).
Hall 25 (EGA).
Hall 26 (EGA).
Hall 27 (EGA).
Hall 28 (EGA).

Game Boy version

Title Screen
Hall of Fame
Bubble Ghost is invincible, but the bubble is not
Got the bubble to the exit!
Bubble Ghost can push the bubble along by blowing at it with the A Button
Be sure to blow out the candle first here!
Whoops! Burst the bubble
Blowing into this contraption will turn off the fan
Navigated through another room