Bubsy II Screenshots

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Game Boy version

Opening Credits
Title Screen ... it goes on to say 'Bubsy is back, etc.'
Main Menu
Ah, the good old days of not many people in the credits
The amazatorium is where you'll find the warp points to each level
Three levels to choose from to begin with
The entry point of level one
Flying birds and men in suits, just some of the enemies you'll find
Bubsy can float back down to Earth
The end of each level reveals a special marble collection point
Bubsy seems to enjoy it .. i think
Level complete, not a bad score
Level 2, and Bubsy takes to the sky
Curving fly
Collect balls
I can't stop!
In plane I must avoid flying enemies

Genesis version

PURRsonality! I liked that :-)
Title screen
Funny credits
In Genesis version, you can access more levels, with different difficulty settings
Jumping in space level
Flying over planets
Egyptian pyramide
Waterfall and a mean guy
Strange symbols...
Lots of music here
Jumping on eighths
Going to be eaten soon?
Level description
Huge boar head
Green level
Bubsy is hidden by the huge tree
Discovering more and more of the mansion...
Look, a balloon!
Killed by a zombie
Getting some rest in this nice place...
Crossing bridges
On a wall
Underground cave
Get away from me, you pig!
More weird creatures

SNES version

I love such cute word plays :)
Title screen
Menu design in the SNES version is different from the one of Genesis release
This is a level you can access from a floor in the mansion
Levels often have funny names
Starting an Egyptian level
Secret level - bonus mini-game
Space level
Jumping boars
Secret entrance?
Walking on notes
Lots of drums here...
Meeting a boar businessman
Flying around
Killed by similarly looking guys
Over a balloon, pursuing some strange birds
Killed once again...