Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen.
Buffalo Bill's Hall of Fame.
Enter number of players.
Enter your name.
Rodeo games event selection
Knife throwing loading screen
Knife throwing - Throw the knives and avoid hitting the woman.
Knife throwing - Score
Trick shooting - Choose mouse or joystick controls
Trick shooting - Shoot the bad guys and avoid hitting the good guys
Trick shooting - Shoot the bottles
Bronco Riding - Prepare to ride! (Or fall off and get a quick trip to the ER!)
Bronco Riding - Ride'em cowboy!
Steer wrestling - loading screen
Steer wrestling - Get ready!
Steer wrestling - Can I catch the steer?
Steer wrestling - Nope! I fail!
Stage coach rescue - loading screen
Stage coach rescue - Catch the Indian!
Stage coach rescue - Riding up to the stage coach
Stage coach rescue - Fist fight
Calf roping

Amstrad CPC version

Loading screen
The events
Knife throwing
Trick shooting
The targets do move
Shoot that cowboy
Calf roping
You missed
Bronco riding
You're doing well
Steer wrestling
Wrong jump
Stage coach rescue
Come on! You're almost there

Atari ST version

Title screen
High scores about to scroll in
Choose the events you want
Game 1 Intro
Let's see what Bully's Prize Board has in store for you tonight
That should miss her
The final scores
You can replay each event to get a better score
Intro to the Operation Wolf bit
No point accusing the graphics of looking like cardboard cut-outs
Backs to the wall
Now intercept the bottles, Missile Command style
Chasing the stagecoach
Losing some ground
Chasing the cattle
Steer wrestling

Commodore 64 version

Loading screen
Selecting events
The first event - Trick Shooting
Try to hit as many bad guys as possible
Knife Throwing loading screen
Hit the woman once and the game ends
Calf roping, missed it!
Bottle Shooting
Next up: Steer Wrestling
Jumping on the steer
Bronco Riding
The last event: Stage Coach Rescue
Dodge the chests thrown at you

DOS version

Bronco Riding
Rodeo Main Screen
Calf Roping
Stage Coach
Steer Wrestling
Enter your name.
Choose the events that you want to play.
Bronco riding - ride that wild bronco!
Bronco riding - Fell off the bronco!
Knife throwing - Don't hit the woman or we'll have an embarrassing lawsuit on our hands!
Score after knife throwing.
Calf roping - starting out in the gate
Calf roping - failed!
Trick shooting
Trick shooting - shoot the targets
Trick shooting - shoot the bottles
Stage couch rescue
Calf wrestling event.

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen
High scores
'Oliver Jahn', 'Rob Lim' and 'Oleg Roshkin' would fit too
Play as many or as few as you like
'Ye old Kempston' - nice touch
Level 1 preperation
The spinning girl and the crosshair
The consequences of hitting her
The score rundown
Level 2 intro
And for level 3
Calf roping
Chosing it down
Nowhere near hitting it here - you only get one shot
The bucking bronco
Throwing me down
Two minutes to chase the stagecoach
I guess the programmers are Queen fans
Losing ground