Bugs Bunny: Lost in Time Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

The Stone Age level starts with an animation showing Elmer Fudd telling the tribe to go out and hunt rabbits, those lumpy things in the foreground are their heads. Demo version
After the animation has completed the level loads

Demo version
The Stone Age level starts with Dinosaur Mountain

Demo version
The player gets hints and instructions in the early part of the game Demo version
Walking into a cactus hurts and costs health points

Demo Version
The cavemen will attack on site but Bugs can outrun them

Demo version
In addition to hazards that can be seen the player has to avoid falling anvils. I confess I did not see this one coming. Demo version
Carrots must be collected. In addition to the ones in the ground there are some golden carrots floating way out of reach. Demo version
On the top of the hill is a caveman who throws boulders down the hill at Bugs. Demo version
Despite appearances Bugs is actually standing on top of the rock so he can leap for the golden carrot. Demo version
This screen is displayed at the end of the demo version of the game, it gives the expected release date and a description of the final game

Windows version

Title Loading Screen
Title Screen
First Stage loading screen
Intro with Elmer Fudd commanding his troops
In game menu