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Bugsy Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Bugsy Commodore 64 Title Screen.

Title Screen.

Bugsy Commodore 64 Start of your quest.

Start of your quest.

Bugsy Commodore 64 Interacting with someone.

Interacting with someone.

Bugsy Commodore 64 Inside a gunsmiths.

Inside a gunsmiths.

Bugsy Screenshots

ZX Spectrum version

Bugsy ZX Spectrum Loading Screen

Loading Screen

Bugsy ZX Spectrum Title Screen

Title Screen

Bugsy ZX Spectrum Start of your adventure

Start of your adventure

Bugsy ZX Spectrum Inside a bar

Inside a bar

Bugsy ZX Spectrum Run-down area

Run-down area

Bugsy ZX Spectrum In a railway station

In a railway station