Bully Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
Intro: Jimmy is brought to school
One of the several stylish loading screens
Entering the campus - you are immediately greeted by bullies...
Trespassing: Girls Dormitory! You just HAD to go there!..
You can destroy much of the environment. This room has seen the wrath of your wooden plank!
Cafeteria. Eat, hang with students, enjoy the art...
Beaten by a girl! Jimmy, will you fight back?..
Map. Initially, only the campus is accessible, but it's already quite big!
Well, hel-lo there!.. Jimmy, will you try your luck with this pretty girl in the library?..
Playing some soccer in front of the ruined school bus
Brutal, but absolutely essential for survival!
Changing clothes
Social interaction: apologizing
Completing mini-quests for people may yield... err... some romantically-minded gratitude!
Chemistry class - basically a QTE mini-game
An early boss battle - throw trash can lids at this guy!
English class - ahh, a classic game...
Slingshot battle in the pool area
Hanging on branches while observing a football game
Campus at night
Whoa... check out my scary Halloween costume! And look at the floor in my room, with all the cool stuff!
Over the course of the game you'll accumulate some exotic weapons and gadgets!
The bridge to Bullworth Town. I'm wearing my school mascot costume and scratching my head
In what other game you can dress up as Elvis, have the nerds build a futuristic gun for you, jump on top of a car, and scare a grown-up passerby?
Woo-hoo! Skateboarding through the town's tidier part while wearing a Red Ninja outfit!
You can swim anywhere you want. Freedom, freedom!
General store - one of the several available ones
I've stolen a bike and am now riding through the city center! Yay!..
Visiting the Carnival! Lots of stuff to see here!
One of the several available mini-games - shoot those suckers for money!
Ever wanted to wreak havoc in a respectable neighborhood by shooting at people with a firecracker launcher? In this game, you can!
I went to the square in front of the town hall and started throwing eggs at people. Yes, this is how I play my games!..
From here, I shall rule the world! Posing from the top of the town hall. What a view!
You'll acquire several places you'll call your own during the course of the game. This one even has pool!
Poorer district. Workers live here. You start throwing acid at their tractors. The workers don't seem to like that
An even poorer neighborhood. Good thing you brought your spray paint!
I just wanted to talk to this old guy in the park... ask him about his life, this kind of thing. But that student attacked me!.. Why? Why?!..
Cutting rich people's lawns for money!
One of the game's several racing missions
Shady part of the town. Watch that guy trying to rob the old man!..
Playing an arcade game - controlling a monkey in a funny paddle variant!
Cheers, Jimmy! Drink and celebrate the conquest of this bar!
Dude... check out my serpent tattoo!..
In the graveyard, I found something shiny - one of the game's many collectibles. I jump with joy while holding a camera!