Bundesliga Manager Professional Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Company logo Software 2000
Company logo Kron Simulation Software
Title screen
Loading screen
Club selection
Game parameters
DFB Pokal assignment
DFB Pokal matches sorted by leagues
Main interface screen (club financial management part)
Club statistics
Ad contracts management
Club achievements
Stadium management
3rd division club strengths
Trainings camp assignment
Daily training plan
Transfer market
Player contract management
Team tactics
Game credits
Game options
Next match begins
Goal scored
End results of 3rd division
A player info sheet
Top scores board of 3rd division
A relegation match of 1st division
Status message (descent to 4th division is prevented)
Season results
Programmers birthday celebration (occurs automatically)
3rd division table

Atari ST version

Title screen
Select player(s) and team(s)
Main menu
Tactics editor
My home arena
Time for "ligaspiel"
Game on!
The results are in
Info about SSV Reutlingen
Today's news
At the bank
Contracts management

DOS version

Loading screen (English/Italian version)
Club selection (Rnglish version)
Club selection (Italian version)
Assigning teams to managers (German version).
Choosing game options (German version).
Teams table (German version)
1st cup standings (German version)
A manager's main window of control (German version)
Positioning your players (German version).
Choosing options for the stadium (German version).
Choosing sponsors for the stadium and team (German version).
Visiting the bank for financial reports (German version).
A match begins (German version).
Match options (German version)
Match in progress (German version)