Bureaucracy Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Fill out a form.
The start of the game - in your new house.
Taking stuff.
There's a delivery boy at the door.
Looks like there's trouble using your US Excess card to pay.
Paid for my purchase of Llama treats.
Outside my house.
Burglars, nerds and Llamas - what an odd combination!
What does that message mean to you?
In the bookshop.
Ordering food.

Apple II version

Uh oh, you'll need to fill out one of those %#[email protected]! license application forms!
The beginning of the game
Some llama food has arrived at your house

Atari ST version

Before you can begin the game...
...you MUST fill out a Software Licence Application!
Starting location

Commodore 128 version

Pre-game spiel
Fill out the form as best as you can. Type hard, you are making three copies.
Starting location
The plot yanks and jerks in charming, albeit confusingly arbitrary, directions.
Ooh, this answering machine isn't good for me.
Navigating the banking system is also an excellent example of a frustrating bureaucracy
There certainly is a lot of action going on in the byways of this town!
This is what you get when you design a text adventure game by committee. Memorable characters and situations, but amounting to what?
Har har, Infocom parodies itself.
Poor typers won't last long in this game.

DOS version

opening screen

Macintosh version

Beginning; I'm not licensed for this software?
Hmm, I'll need to fill out a form.
The game begins.
Your blood pressure goes up if you make a mistake.