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BurgerTime Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen (this version has been cracked)
Gameplay on the first level
Collect the root beer for an additional pepper
Yikes, I'm being chased!!

Arcade version

Title screen/high score
First level
Level completed!
Second level
Game Over

Atari 2600 version

Gameplay on the first level
Creating burgers on the second level

ColecoVision version

Title screen
Gameplay on the first level
Trapped on the second level

Commodore 64 version

Level 1
Get the sundae to increase amount of peppers
Spray enemies like this hot dog with pepper
Completed one burger
Don't get knocked out by an egg yolk
Prepared all four burgers
Level 2
Knocked out an egg yolk and scored 100 points
Three burgers prepared, only one to go
Level 3
Game Over
High Scores

Intellivision version

Title screen
Gameplay on the first level
The second level
The third level
Game Over

MSX version

Title screen
Score and item points overview
Walk through the maze and make burgers
Your're chased by an egg, hot dog and pickles
The Game's over...

NES version

Title screen
Japan Title screen
Gameplay on the first level
The second level
Climbing up

PC Booter version

Title Screen
Video selection
Level 1
Level 2
Level 2 (completed)
Level 3
Title screen (CGA with composite monitor)
The first level (CGA with composite monitor)
The second level (CGA with composite monitor)
Title Screen (CGA with RGB monitor)
Instructions (CGA with RGB monitor)
Level 1, 5 Burgers coming right up! (CGA with RGB monitor)
Bonus Ingredient! This mushroom gives you an extra pepper. Each level has different bonus ingredients. (CGA with RGB monitor)

Sharp X1 version

Title screen, this Sharp X1 version goes under the original arcade title - Hamburger
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3, I like my eggs with pepper
Stage 4, Pickles show up
Bonus round
Bonus round earnings

TI-99/4A version

Title screen
Making some hamburgers...
This level is almost complete...
Uh oh, looks like I'm trapped!