Burning Fight Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Player Select.
Stage 1.
Entering the game.
Ready to fight.
Good punch.
Using a stick.
Who wants to get glassed.
Missed your kick.
Knocking the baddies out.
Destroy the place.
Smashing the piano.
Here comes a van.
Man with a gun.
Shooting a biker.
Punching the van.
Pushing the van away.
Stage 1 clear.
No time for shopping.
Smash the shop.
Keep going.

Neo Geo version

One of the character's profiles
How to Play
What's your poison
Main Street
In a bar
Ohh, that's gotta hurt
"You know, throwing flames at somebody else isn't very nice."
Say hello to Yujiro Heike
Shopping Center
Exploring a clothing store
Antique Store
"Hello. My name is Tom Anderson. Prepare to Die!"
Say hello to Marshall
The Sun Market
Going up...
Say hello to Mitou Ryuji
South Bay Area
In a warehouse
Anyone want a Jonathan
Didn't I fight this guy before?
Sea Area
This bedroom is occupied by Bruce Stone
Climbing some stairs
Say hello to Casterora
High Scores
I hope that this doesn't get TOO bloody...
Fighting in a Japanese mall, and no security guards in sight. How very interesting...
Somebody's going to be paying for THIS totaled truck...

Neo Geo CD version

Title Screen
Character Select
You know that a mall isn't very good when there are no security guards supervising the area, waiting to break up any possible fights...
In this bar, you can smash tables and destroy a piano for bonus points, ala Final Fight...