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    Push reckless driving to the limits in this adrenaline fuelled Burnout experience on PSP.

    Combining the best elements of this long-running franchise with a wealth of features exclusive to PSP, developer Criterion has created a true high-speed racer with portability in mind.

    Sixteen races, spanning 8 locations are the backdrop for performing Burnouts and reaching mind-blowing speeds. The aim beyond winning the race is to remain in Burnout mode constantly, the meter refilling for successfully completing each manoeuvre and taking the more risky racing lines.

    Multiplayer gaming is heavily supported, letting you and your friends race head-to-head in Ad Hoc and Infrastructure Modes or compete on a single PSP in Party Play Mode.

    Additionally, one of the exclusive features to PSP allows you to synchronise your game with your friends via Ad Hoc Mode and thrash their high scores and race times at your leisure. Entering Infrastructure Mode you can then update your information with anyone you have synchronised with, comparing times and downloading ghosts of their cars to race against, wherever you or they might be.

    • Battle across all-new tracks built for every style of racing
    • Synchronise your game with friends and then smash their best race times and scores
    • Extend your experience by downloading exclusive new tracks

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Back of Case - Playstation 2 (U.S.):


    • SLAM YOUR RIVALS through barriers to UNLOCK SHORTCUTS.
    • Experience the thrill of BOOST CHAINING for OUTRAGEOUS RACING SPEED.
    • Take risks and REAP THE REWARDS in the ALL-NEW MANIAC MODE.
    • Go HEAD-TO-HEAD with your friends for some MULTIPLAYER MAYHEM.

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    Dominate the racetrack

    Burnout Dominator is an all-new installment of the legendary and multi-award winning
    Burnout series, loaded with intense racing action and dozens of retina-searing World Tour

    Rage against the road and engage in every type of dangerous racing. Ignite and empty a
    full boost bar without crashing to perform a Burnout and reach mind-blowing speeds.
    Chain multiple burnouts to push the score multiplier and your nerves to the limit as you tear
    across the new world tour!

    Battle traffic across tracks built to handle every style of racing. Uncover and exploit
    shortcuts, master drift corners and unflinchingly weave through the oncoming cars in a bid
    to become the ultimate burner.

    Pushing the limits of the PS2 system, Burnout Dominator features some of the most
    explosive visuals seen on the platform, and engaging multiplayer modes that allow you to
    take on your friends and thrash their high scores and race times, as well as smashing
    them off the track into oblivion.

    With a host of unlockable features and awards Burnout Dominator will keep you and your
    friends locked in the most intense vehicular combat you'll ever experience.

    • Master a new world tour: Battle across all-new tracks built for every style of racing. Drift
      around the traffic on open urban roads and race in the oncoming lane in claustrophobic
      city streets.
    • Unprecedented speed: Drive like a maniac to max out your boost. Drain it totally to
      perform a Burnout and get an instant boost recharge. Chain multiple burnouts to keep the
      adrenaline burning!
    • Signature Shortcuts: Watch out for the signature shortcuts on every track. Ram a rival
      through the barrier of a shortcut entrance to unlock it and shave those precious seconds
      off your race times.

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Press release (23rd February 2007):


    Soundtrack Headlined by the World Premiere of Avril Lavigne's New Track "Girlfriend"

    CHERTSEY, UK. – February 23, 2007 – Electronic Arts (NASAQ: ERTS) today announced the complete soundtrack for its upcoming racing game, Burnout™ Dominator. Celebrating speed and attitude, the soundtrack features 33 tracks from today’s hottest artists, including the world premiere of Avril Lavigne’s new track “Girlfriend”. Burnout Dominator is released on March 23rd for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system and PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system.

    EA’s Burnout™ franchise has long been instrumental in launching the hottest tracks from the world’s biggest artists, including songs from Yellowcard, All-American Rejects, Franz Ferdinand and more. This year’s soundtrack features current hits, new tracks from the world’s biggest artists, and a first look at several bands about to break big. The complete soundtrack includes:

    ¡Forward, Russia! - Nine - Give Me A Wall
    Alice In Chains - Would? - The Essential Alice In Chains
    Army Of Anyone - It Doesn’t Seem To Matter - Army Of Anyone
    Army Of Me - Going Through Changes - Citizen
    Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend - Best D*** Thing
    B’z - FRICTION
    Brand New - The Archers Bows Have Broken - The Devil And God…
    Bromheads Jacket - Fight Music For The Fight - Dits From The Commuter Belt
    Dead IDentities Long Way Out - Music For The Waiting Room
    Earl Greyhound S.O.S - Soft Targets
    Filter Hey Man, Nice Shot (Big Mac Mix) - Short Bus
    Hot Hot Heat - Give Up?
    Jane’s Addiction - Stop! - The Best Of Jane’s Addiction
    Killswitch Engage - My Curse - As Daylight Dies
    LCD Soundsystem Us V. Them - Sound Of Silver
    Lifetime - Haircuts And T-Shirts - Lifetime
    Make Good Your Escape - Beautiful Ruin - Beautiful Ruin
    Maxeen - Block Out The World - Hello Echo
    N.E.R.D. - Rockstar (Jason Nevins Remix) - In Search Of…
    Saosin - Collapse - Saosin
    Senses Fail - Calling All Cars - Still Searching
    Shadows Fall - Burning The Lives - Threads Of Life
    Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko - We Are Pilots
    Skybombers - It Goes Off - Sirens
    Sugarcult - Dead Living - Lights Out
    The Confession - Through These Eyes
    The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger - Costello Music
    The Have - One Step Ahead - Back To The Burning Wreck
    The Photo Atlas Red Orange Yellow - No, Not Me, Never
    The Styles - Glitter Hits (J.J. Puig Mix) - Burnout: Dominator Exclusive
    The Sword - Freya - Age Of Winters
    Trivium Anthem (We Are The Fire) - The Crusade
    Wired All Wrong Lost Angeles - Break Out The Battle Tapes

    “The Burnout series is an amazing, proven platform for launching the world’s biggest songs and artists, and we’re thrilled to be working with Avril Lavigne this year to help debut her new song “Girlfriend,” said Steve Schnur, EA’s Worldwide Executive of Music. “From pop to rock to metal Burnout Dominator is all about attitude and rebellion, which makes it a perfect fit for the 33 artists.”

    Burnout Dominator is an all-new installment of the legendary, multi-award winning Burnout series and challenges players to face off against a series of hot-blooded rivals in tests of reckless, aggressive driving. The game features an all-new “Maniac Mode,” daring players to take down other drivers and string together massive combos of the wildest driving stunts without crashing.

    Burnout Dominator is rated 3+ by PEGI and is developed by EA’s UK Studio team in Guildford, UK. For more information about the Burnout franchise, please visit or our press Web site at

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Press release (29th May 2007):

    New tracks for download for Burnout Dominator PSP

    If you’ve been racing like a maniac in Burnout Dominator on PSP, here’s the chance to takedown your rivals on two brand new tracks from EA, available free of charge and exclusively by download direct to your PSP.

    Available now is Carnival Point: As the late afternoon sun shines overhead, drift around long mountainous bends, hurtle past the sandy beach and wreak havoc in the downtown traffic of a South American metropolis.

    Available on 7th June is Red Gate: Race and boost chain your way through the busy streets of an Eastern European city at night.

    Compete against the PSP in maniac, road rage or race modes, challenge your friends over Ad-hoc, and set new highs in record breakers mode. And don’t forget to upload your best times and scores to the Burnout Dominator website at

    European download instructions:
    • From the BurnoutHQ menu ingame via a wireless connection
    • Direct Download from
    • From

    US download instructions:
    • From the BurnoutHQ menu ingame via a wireless connection
    • From

    Burnout Dominator has a PEGI 3+ rating

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