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A decent sequel to a revolutionary fighting game PlayStation ZombieDepot (48)

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PlayStation 18 3.5
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Combined User Score 18 3.5

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PlayStationGamezilla (Nov 16, 1998)
This game is a definite winner and will make your blood pressure soar in excitement if you're a gamer who enjoys fighting. The realistic fighting, great graphics and entertaining story line deliver value for its price. This title would make a great Christmas gift for just about anyone.
PlayStationPower Unlimited (Dec, 1998)
Bushido Blade 2 verschilt op het eerste gezicht niet zo verschrikkelijk veel van zijn voorganger. Maar bij nadere inspectie blijkt het spel toch met sprongen vooruit te zijn gegaan. Er zijn veel meer moves, characters en battle grounds en het is daardoor gewoonweg een veel beter spel. Een aanrader voor alle serieuze salontafel samourai's.
90 (1999)
Bushido Blade 2 may still be a bit boring, like the original Bushido Blade, but there is something about it overall that makes me want to play it a lot more. The 2-player mode, the game's main draw as far as I am concerned, has been greatly improved by the new control scheme, numerous characters, and varied arenas alone. Bushido Blade 2 is a very fun game with a lot of replay value, and is basically what the original game should have been. To cut back on the "boring" factor, maybe they should turn this game into more of an RPG or adventure game for Bushido Blade 3. If Square's previous efforts are any indication, they could blow mediocre games like Tenchu out of the water. I don't think Bushido Blade 2 has been announced for a US release as of yet, so you will have to import it for the time being. I highly reccomend it to fans of the original, and I think that people who weren't into Bushido Blade should try it out as well.
PlayStationMega Fun (Dec, 1998)
Bushido Blade 2 ist eine reinrassige Kampfsportsimulation, die sich grafisch wie spielerisch vor den “Großen“ des Prügel-Genres nicht verstecken braucht. Die Animationen der Kämpfer sind schwungvoll und wuchtig und die düsteren Locations wurden detailliert dargestellt. Zusätzlich passen die fernöstlichen Panflötenklänge und das Schwertgeklirre hervorragend zu den Arenen des Prüglers. Für Langzeitmotivation sorgen das große Feld geheimer Charaktere und ein gelungener Story-Modus. Lediglich die Steuerung der Recken ist oftmals sehr träge, so dass sich gegnerische Angriffe nicht immer effektiv kontern lassen. Und das drückte unsere Wertung ein wenig nach unten.
PlayStationGame Revolution (Nov 01, 1998)
When it comes right down to it, Bushido Blade 2, while in many ways different from its namesake, will pretty much appeal to the same crowd that dug the first one. It will also turn off those of you who prefer a more up-tempo and flashy fighting game. As a stand alone game, however, I really must say that I'm impressed with Bushido Blade 2. It has enough of what made the first game exceptional and adds some flavor to the broth.
PlayStationGamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
If you follow the path of Bushido, you're compelled to master Bushido Blade 2. If you're a rookie warrior, you'll have to learn patience and be prepared to die more than once before learning this game'' secrets.
PlayStationGameSpot (Mar 26, 1998)
When I first popped in Bushido Blade 2, I was surprisingly disappointed with the game. The controls seemed totally foreign, and it really seemed like they made a few small improvements to the original and shoved it out the door. But once you give it a few hours, you too will come around and realize that the things missing from this version were taken out to better the overall gameplay. The additional characters and stances really make Bushido Blade 2 a winner. It's taken quite some time to come out in the US, but the game still holds up after seven months as a Japan-only title.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation (Dec, 1998)
I was slightly disappointed with Bushido Blade 2. My expectations were high following the original game but the sequel just didn't seem that much fun to play. I found the early fighters a little short on AI, especially when the fighting arenas were a multi-level design. All you had to do was jump off a ledge, turn around, climb back and then lunge into your opponent every time they attempted to climb back onto your level. The boss characters offered a sterner challenge but once again, when you realised that they could only be killed from a rear attack it was simply a matter of timing and endless chasing in circles. Overall, it's certainly worth checking out but I personally prefer Tenchu Stealth Assassins.
PlayStationIGN (Oct 28, 1998)
It's not the worst fighting game by any means, but I was expecting a lot more. Fans of the original will no doubt want to stick with what they've got. If you found Bushido Blade too difficult for your tastes, however, this might be right up your alley.
PlayStationAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Dec 07, 1998)
Bushido Blade 2 could have been a great game, but its clumsy control and overcomplicated gameplay reduce it to a mere button-mashing festival. The one-hit kills add a great level of tension and can lead to nerve-wracking two player stand-offs, but it’s just as easy (and often more effective) to pound on the nearest button. Casual gamers might want to give it a try, but serious fighting game fanatics will only be disappointed and frustrated.