Bushido Blade 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen
A shot from the intro
Talk about grudges. The introduction gives you the backstory of the feud between the two ninja clans.
Main menu
Story mode - starting roster of characters
Weapon select
Your progress is shown on the map while the stage loads
Deadlocked. The Irish swordsman, Highwayman, makes a return appearance, along with all the characters from the first game.
Taking the high ground. Like its predecessor, Bushio Blade 2 features multi-level battlefields.
The quick and the dead. One hit deaths are still present in Bushido Blade 2, making duels deadly...and often quick.
Two blades. Bushido Blade 2 introduces two additional sword styles: the sword-in-sheath iaijutsu style, and the two-sword nito style, as seen here.
Puch-Out...with swords. First person mode is still available, with your body being represented in wireframe.

PSP version

A shot from the intro
Weirdo characters
Multi-level battle field
What can be better than making an annoying enemy fall down the cliff?
Narukagami school master
Tony has to make a decision - weather the last of Narukagami lives or dies
If you press select your character will surrender and die
Mikado Vs. Kaun
This isn't actually fair
Sazanka, the real weirdo
Press that button fast to throw the opponent on the ground
Mikado just learned the sad truth
When you pick a weapon for your character it is shown on a separate screen
This map is peculiar because you can cut the trees with your blade
Tatsumi standing in two-sword stance in a fight vs. the Shainto Leader
It seems that Tony (to the right) cannot wield sword this bug very well
Old man Isohachi may be funny, but you shouldn't underestimate him
Loading screen between fights in boss rush mode
Black-and-white color scheme selected
Spinning attack with the spear
M16 versus spear? Hm...
Cinematic fight on the roof
First-person mode